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  • uint8 eventType (always equal to 4, for spike events)
  • int64 timestamp (to align with timestamps from the continuous records)
  • int64 software timestamp (not currently used)
  • uint16 sourceID (electrode number)
  • uint16 number of channels (N)
  • uint16 number of samples per spike (M)
  • uint16 sorted id (used by Spike Sorter)
  • uint16 electrodeID (unique electrode ID)
  • uint16 channel (channel within the electrode that triggered spike acquisition)
  • 3 uint8 color codes (for drawing spikes)
  • 2 float32 principle component projections (x and y)
  • uint16 sampling frequency (Hz)
  • N*M uint16 samples (individual channels are contiguous)
  • N float32 gains (actually gain*1000, to increase resolution)
  • N uint16 thresholds used for spike extraction
  • One uint16 recording number (version 0.2 and higher)