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You don’t have to re-build your signal chain every time you use the GUI. To save this signal chain for future use, press Ctrl-S (or use the File drop-down menu). Alternatively, you can select “Reload config on startup” from the File menu, and the GUI will automatically load the signal chain that was open the last time the application was used.

The Neuropix module writes the following information into the settings.xml file (saved each time recording is started)

  • probe option and serial number
  • probe AP gain, LFP gain, reference channel, and filter cutoff
  • basestation version and API version

When loading a previously saved signal chain, the AP gain, LFP gain, reference channel, and filter cutoff will be restored to the previous settings. However, if you have enabled alternate channel configurations for an Option 3 and 4 probe, these are not currently saved or loaded.

Note: Connecting to and configuring the Neuropix probe takes a few seconds, so please be patient when loading saved signal chains that contain a Neuropix source module.