Currently in development

This page serves as a rough overview of currently ongoing projects.
List your projects in progress here, so that others can with similar interests can get in touch to collaborate!
We are also maintaining a list of possible projects, get in touch if you're interested in working on something you see here, or feel free to add projects you think would be  useful. 

Adapting the open ephys system for EEG
See category on EEG
People: Christopher Black

Twister3 production

StimJim production

Rat (64 tetrode) shuttleDrive

Matlab integration
See matlab engine page
People: Ryan Maloney

Spectrogram display
People:  Niten Olofsson

Real time spike sorting, trial statistics and PSTH

Working on getting GUI up to speed with features needed for acute monkey experiments. New modules include real time spike sorting (box method and PCA space), network listener (receiving trial type information over Ethernet), and PSTH sink, which displays average firing rates of sorted units and lfp, aligned to trial onsets. 

People: Shay Ohayon

Daisy-chaining acquisition boards
Next board iteration should have a standard ribbon cable connector on (right or back) side that passes through a synchronization signal that is only enabled when the master system is acquiring data. The slave systems should work as usual. Boards should be set to slave mode with a OkWireIn or equivalent via switch in the rhythm interface UI. Linking can be done with a ribbon cable with one twisted pair on the clk pins on the master side.
See Synchronizing multiple boards
People Jakob Voigts