Tetrode recordings with Open Ephys



Software for extracellular data acquisition. Drop modules into your processing pipeline to acquire, filter and visualize data.


The acquisition board hardware buffers and timestamps data from the headstage. Complete packages are sent to the software to be processed.


Headstages filter, amplify, multiplex and digitize the tiny signal picked up by the passive electrodes. This makes sure that the signal from multiple channels can be sent over a single tether and read by the acquisition board without introducing electrical noise or losing signal along the way.


Single wires from each tetrode are pinned to separate locations on the Electrode interface board (EIB), so that their signals can be identified and processed separately.

Tetrodes are made of four insulated (often nichrome) wires that are twisted together and heated to seal. The non insulated tips provide four measurement points in the brain improving single unit detection.

Lightweight & robust chronic 64-channel implant, allows up to 16 tetrodes to be lowered into the brain.