How to use it

The Twister was designed to be as intuitive as possible. Here are the basics of operation:

  1. There is no ON/OFF switch. Plug it in to turn it on, unplug it to turn it off.
  2. If you can't see anything on the display, try adjusting the Contrast knob. If that doesn't help, check out the Troubleshooting section of this manual for more tips.
  3. Use the large black knobs to adjust the number of forward and reverse turns. It's fine to have more reverse than forward turns or zero of either turn direction. If you're not sure what parameters to use, 80 forward turns / 40 reverse turns is a good place to start. If you move the knobs while the motor is running, the total number of turns will not be updated until the twister has stopped.
  4. Use the Play/Pause button to start and stop the twister. Once you start the Twister, it will run by itself until it has completed the specified turn sequence.
  5. Make sure the photocells are not blocked while the Twister is operating, otherwise it won't be able to track its turns. If there is a dramatic change in light levels while the Twister is running, it will automatically re-calibrate its photocells. However, the Twister will not operate in complete darkness (and neither will you).
  6. If the Twister loses power or is reset during operation, it will reset its turn count to zero. If you want the Twister to save its state, you'll have to modify the source code that's uploaded to the Arduino.