Cyclops LED Driver

The Cyclops LED Driver is a "Precision, wide-bandwidth current source with optional optical feedback mode for driving high-power LEDs" and is designed with the Optogenetic Stimulation use case in mind.

The new Cyclops rev 3.6 is rolling out soon!

You had to write Arduino skecthes to control a Cyclops using an Arduino, soon the Open-Ephys plugin GUI will be able to control the new Cyclops rev. 3.6 boards. These boards will be controlled using a Teensy 3.2 over USB instead of an Arduino board. The GUI is getting a new plugin, the CyclopsStimulator which will help you conduct near real-time closed loop optogenetic stimulation by parsing GUI data-flow events and delivering custom optical signals!

Here's an overview of the new features!

Device Specs and Docs

The Cyclops project documentation, assembly guides and testing procedure are available on the Cyclops GitHub repository. You can grab them in Markdown or PDF.