Release Checklist

Current version: 0.5.2


Increment version numbers in CmakeLists.txt, and  Linux (control) & Windows (windows_installer_script.iss) Installer scripts
- Use Semantic versioning (MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH)
Tag the latest commit with testing version number (e.g. v0.5.2-rc.1)
Merge development branch into testing
- This will trigger automated builds, available here:
Notify the Open Ephys Forum about the upcoming release, and to report any bugs as GitHub Issues

Testing phase:

General Signal Chain
Confirm splitter/merger functionality is working
Test acquisition for a range of buffer sizes (16 samples - 2016 samples)
Plugin Installer
Confirm that all available plugins download and install correctly on Windows, Linux, and Mac
Confirm that all settings save and load correctly
Confirm that multiple record nodes can successfully write to separate disks
Test synchronization across multiple sub-processors
Test continuous, spikes, and event writing across all available formats
Open Ephys
NWB 1.0
Audio Monitor
Open Ephys Acquisition Board
Channel Map
LFP Viewer
Spike Detection / Display