Neuropixels Probes


Neuropixels are high-density silicon probes manufactured by IMEC. For information on how to order them, please visit

Currently, Neuropixels probes come in two varieties, "Phase 3a" and "Neuropixels 1.0." The following table compares these two types of probes.

Phase 3a

Neuropixels 1.0

Manufactured between2016-2018


Sold toNeuropixels consortiumGeneral public
Site layoutcheckerboardcheckerboard or linear
Shank length5 mm (options 1 & 2); 10 mm (options 3 & 4)10 mm
Site count384-960960
References1 external, 10-30 internal1 external, 1 tip, 3 internal
CableDual coax (white)Single twisted pair (black and yellow)
Acquisition systemEthernet (based on KC705 eval board)PXIe
Max probes per computer316
Compatible softwareSpikeGLX, Open Ephys GUISpikeGLX, Open Ephys GUI
Open Ephys pluginNeuropix-3aNeuropix-PXI