7- Soldering ground screws

Solder a length of wire (we use stainless steel) to a mill-max connector, or any type of connector that fits into your drive's ground connector. We recommend using insulated wire to make it easier to ensure that there is no skin contact to the ground later, and to make it easier to embed the wire into the dental cement around the drive base (thin wires are more likely to work their way out of the cement before it fully cures). The length of the ground wire depends on the desired location and layout of the drive.

Solder the free end of the wire to the top of the ground screw. Use an appropriate stainless steel flux and use the same precautions as when soldering the spring. The easiest method is to solder to one half of the top of the screw head, so that the slot for the screwdriver remains open. Alternatively, the wire can be wrapped around teh screw just under the head and soldered there, but this method brings a risk of accidentally filling the threads of the screw with solder.

Meticulously clean the screw of remaining flux with ethanol and/or acetone, and sterilize the screw before the implant.