Design your targeting cone

Use SolidWorksTM to design a customized targeting cone for your experiment.

Tutorial Videos

  1. Introduction to targeting cone design
     - View the targeting cone template in SolidWorksTM
     - Explore main components of the targeting cone

  2. 9x probe bundle
     - Install a 9x probe bundle into the hippocampus
     - Plan vertical probe trajectories

  3. 7x probe bundle
     - Install a 7x probe bundle into the nucleus accumbens
     - Plan angled probe trajectories

  4. 4x probe bundle
     - Install a 4x probe bundle into the ventral tegmental area
     - Tips and tricks for planning viral injections and optogenetic stimulation

  5. Trimming the targeting cone
     - Remove excess material to provide clearance for securing screws
     - Create a reference tab for dorsventeral coordinate alignments