Assemble the drive

Follow the 3D printing instructions to fabricate your targeting cone and drive core.  After you have printed your parts and constructed your probe shuttles, then you are ready to begin assembling the drive. 

Prepare targeting cone

  1. Cleaning and lining the barrel holes 
  2. Assembling guide tube bundles
  3. Insertion of ground wires
  4. Insertion of sighting pin

Prepare drive core

  1. Cleaning out the guide tube and shuttle bolt holes
  2. Tapping the shuttle bolt holes
  3. Tap pedestal holes
  4. Insert guide tube collars

Mate targeting cone to drive core

  1. Map guide tubes onto shuttle bays
  2. Splay guide tubes
  3. Join the targeting cone to the drive core
  4. Cut guide tubes
  5. Install probe shuttles