3D Printing Instructions for the Targeting Cone

After completing the design of your targeting cone, print it using the following instructions. It is important to use the correct printing process and materials, otherwise the finished part may not be usable. 


  1. Print the targeting cone as an SLS Prototype.
  2. The recommended printing material is Nylon 12 GF. 
  3. Finish=None (Unfinished) 
  4. Surface Treatment=Wet/Dry Blast

Machine finishing 

  1. After it is printed, the targeting cone's holes should be machine finished, for example, by drilling them out on a CNC machine. This is to assure perfectly accurate trajectories. 
  2. The first time you machine finish a specific targeting cone design, your vendor will probably have to make a fixture for drilling out the holes at the proper angles. Once a fixture has been made for a specific cone design, it can be re-used every time you print new copies of that same targeting cone (you should discuss this in advance with your vendor before ordering the printed cones). 
  3. Each time you create a new cone design (with a different set of holes and angles), your vendor will probably need to make a new fixture for that cone.  


Vendors we have used to successfully print targeting cones:

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, Valencia, CA